Ahhh React,
I remember when I first started diving into It, I was blown away at how it completely changed the game when it came to developing web applications.

Equipped with a small API, allowing one to quickly get a grasp of it. I soon started entering Hackathons something which I had never done before and was consistently placing in the top 3, with this new weapon in my arsenal.

Tao can loosely translate as “The Way”

There are many different ways to structure react applications, I enjoy this freedom but it also makes it a double-edged sword, due to how unopinionated it is.

I am not…

Guide Table Of Contents

In the last part, we focused on how to use Gatsby GQL Data layer to make various queries on our markdown files using the GraphiQL view, and make adjustments to the GQL fields via gatsby-config.js

In this part, we will begin to integrate React into the mix!

What we will do

  • Query data using GQL and display it in a static Gatsby page
  • Create a Gatsby page template
  • Dynamically generate based on markdown files
  • Create a page to display a list of…

This will be a multipart series tutorial, to create a custom blog platform from scratch, with Gatsby and Netlify CMS without the headache I had to go through during the learning curve!

Application Features

  • Create new posts via Netlify CMS
  • Organize and Sort posts based on their tags
  • Dynamically generate pages based on markdown files that Netlify CMS generates

This tutorial will not be a guide about React, nor an in-depth guide of Gatsby, though it will cover the essentials you need to know about Gatsby, to get you well on your way to Netlify your Gatsby app! (Gatslify?)


Prerequisites — For this part of the Tutorial

  • Familiar with React…

Hail warriors!

It has been a while since I have last written anything, but I am back from my quest, and eager to share my stories with fellow warriors and hopefully you may find something to aid you in your journey!

Ref: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/NRHYxYpHWo4/maxresdefault.jpg

Today we shall be looking at how we can strongly type the context API, and a pattern that I have found useful in development.

This repo includes a working example related to this article:


Basic Example

This is the simplest example, utilizing the render props method. We will create a simple context store to manage the state of a counter.

Friends, warriors and shield maidens,

I hope you’ve all kept your wits sharp, but your swords sharper, for we are in for another type wielding session once again. This time things are going to start to get a bit more interesting. Once we get to part 4, that is when things will really start heating up!

So keep your tankards full, your hammers high, tighten your boots and off we go!

Source: https://alehorn.com/2016/12/29/how-to-toast-like-a-viking/

Before we embark on our quest, here be the treasures that we will obtain by the end of our adventure.

Quest Goals

  • Evolve the basic Counter example to a Container…

This will be my first ever posted article, so I would like to warn you in advance that I may yet much to learn when it comes to my blog writing style, you may find it weird, strange, and plain silly, but I guarantee you will gain some insight ;).

My girlfriend and I (Dev couples are awesome, all devs should all have this privilege :D) have been using React JS, and its eco-system (Redux, Redux-Thunk / Sagas, React Router…the list goes on), for quite some time now and have gained sufficient knowledge that would please even the Gods…

Renate Gouveia

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